Me, from Fitchburg, Massachusetts, waiting to see Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell. On my left is Jason Edwards. The girl is Laressa Knight.
  • Becky O'Donahue from New York. Made it to the TOP 24 for American Idol 5!!!....and was also one of the first to leave:-(
  • This is Curt from Danvers, Ma. and Anthony from Peabody. This pic was taken off of Curt's myspace profile. I joined him for lunch.
  • Ayla Brown from Wrentham, MA. Made it to the TOP 16 for American Idol 5!!!
  • Wednesday, January 31, 2007


    Well, it's been about a year since this whole 'Idol thing and now the wagon has moved on to Season 6. Why am I writing? Well, for those who have followed the blog from the beginning may notice some posts are deleted. The ones about Ayla Brown. At the time they were written, it was out of jealousy and the fact there was a huge class difference. It gave me inspiration behind the mean comments. I completely stereotyped her and tried so hard to dis-credit her claiming she did nothing and her parents did everything. I was wrong.
    "Downtown" Ayla Brown is a hardworking individual. You don't become one of the best all-time basketball players in the state by smiling at the cameras and shopping at the mall. I do have to keep in mind that this girl is fresh from high school, someplace I haven't been in nearly 10 years, though I feel like that's where I live considering I live with a bunch of Art Institute freshman and they think they're still in high school too. That's a different story.
    Ayla Brown has a CD out now...As of the time this was posted, I've only heard one track so far. "Forward". It's a ballad..a belnd of soul/pop. I was listening to it while playing poker so I wasn't really listening to the words but I did hear the melody and her voice. For those anxiuos to hear the review, here it is:

    The Review

    FORWARD: The title of this track makes me wonder; it could be a double pun on the fact she's a basketball forward and, the excuse anyone can use, she's moving forward in her life. With a powerful title the song takes a yet slower pace.
    It's a ballad introduced by a piano. Somewhere after the piano's entrance Ayla comes in low telling her story of a well remembered romance. Being taken across bridges and choruses runs you smack into what appears to sound like a gospel choir. After Ayla finishes her climax she reminds us over of the point of the title where the piano takes us home.

    4 and 1/4 Stars.

    Falling Into You
    There is an R&B tone here with the voice over tracks. Add to it exotic elements which go well with the Mexican themed cover. For a lesson in eroticism in song, Falling Into You is the perfect 101. Beginning with fantasiful moans through a journey of yearning comments, one would be tempted to stop the track and scold the guy for making Ayla to continue begging for his vow. There is a catchy melody here which makes this track my personal fave.

    4 1/2 Stars


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