Me, from Fitchburg, Massachusetts, waiting to see Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell. On my left is Jason Edwards. The girl is Laressa Knight.
  • Becky O'Donahue from New York. Made it to the TOP 24 for American Idol 5!!!....and was also one of the first to leave:-(
  • This is Curt from Danvers, Ma. and Anthony from Peabody. This pic was taken off of Curt's myspace profile. I joined him for lunch.
  • Ayla Brown from Wrentham, MA. Made it to the TOP 16 for American Idol 5!!!
  • Monday, September 19, 2005

    The Arrival: Part II

    ...There were tables in front of the door entrances. Long ones. Bags were briefly searched. A group of 30 to 50 people at a time. A lane was reserved for the handicapped as well as a reserved lane for people without bags. After being filtered in we walked to the beginning of a corridor where there was a tble and people handing out the wristbands. Was it pink and green? One for contestants. The other for guests. I believe the green one was for contestants...
    ID's were shown and wristbands were received.
    We moved down to the next set of tables and stadium tickets were being handed out. Tickets that had your seat on it. For anyone familiar with Foxboro Stadium, being among the first to arrive I, Audrey, Norman, and Angelica had a seat in section 125. The first section for the American Idol auditions. (For those who haven't read "The Arrival" the pre-mentioned names of my companions are explained in that blog. Click on "The Arrival" located on the right side bar to read it.)
    Arriving in section 125 row 16 we were happy to finally sit down...unfortunately, the stadium is an open field and we were not covered. The drizzling rain continued. Once section 125 filled, we were given a speech on people with wristbands can leave the Stadium and come back tommorrow by 5a.m. I didn't hear much. I had leaned on Norman's shoulder once I sat and fell asleep. I woke when I saw, or felt, people moving. We were free to go. I gathered with my new found friends in the corridor in front of our section and watched as people began to unravel sleeping bags, utilize the restrooms, stand in food lines, and sit on the ground.
    "Do you want to sleep on my bag?" Norman asked me. My pants were wet. My pillow, towel, and sweatshirt soaked. I hung them on a rail next to other shirts, and pants, and socks, I laid down on the concrete ground on top of the sleeping bag and fell into a deep sleep.
    Unknowingly, I was photographed. So was my pillow.
    When I awole it was around 1 or 2 in the afternoon it was still so early. I was hungry, and still wet from the rains of the night before we were let into the stadium. It was loud. Karaoke was happening somewhere in the middle of the corridor.
    Outside people were still coming in. The same speech I heard hours earlier were still being repeated to each filling section. News crews couldn't keep themselves away from the growing crowds.
    Being on a limited budget stadium prices weren't calculated with reality of hunger. A small french fry at a stadium price will not quinch your hunger. Until you are really hungry. Audrey had brought a cake, and cookies, bottled water, and juice. She was kind enough to share. I remember being awoken by Norman to the sight of chicken selects. How sweet:-)
    As the evening wore on, Karaoke subsided. The crowd began to thin as people made their way to their cars to sleep for the night. Others drove to their hotels. Many were fast asleep in their bags. Small groups gathered in song. Other groups were smoking outside the gates.
    Rumours began to fly that at 3 a.m. they were kicking everybody out the stadium to do a line up for 5 a.m. What's worse, NO BAGS were to be brought in. Later (around midnight later) those rumours were finally squashed.
    Somewhere between 10 and 11p.m. I went to the restrooms when it was very quiet. Only a couple went to this 20 stall bathroom every once in a while. I began to wash my body and start to get dressed. I did my makeup and did some voice warming stuff.
    Other people were starting to get dressed too. I went back to sleep and just hours after midnight, I had my final awakening...


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