Me, from Fitchburg, Massachusetts, waiting to see Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell. On my left is Jason Edwards. The girl is Laressa Knight.
  • Becky O'Donahue from New York. Made it to the TOP 24 for American Idol 5!!!....and was also one of the first to leave:-(
  • This is Curt from Danvers, Ma. and Anthony from Peabody. This pic was taken off of Curt's myspace profile. I joined him for lunch.
  • Ayla Brown from Wrentham, MA. Made it to the TOP 16 for American Idol 5!!!
  • Thursday, October 20, 2005

    Idol producers contact contestants to give info!

    Last night I received a phone call. Actually, I missed it. I had to call it back. It was only a 5 minute time span though. Enough time for my niece to announce the area code and everyone to ponder where it was from. My brother and I were arguing on the porch while my mom sat next to me listening to the message on the phone. I was about to say something to him but my mom put her hand up to me which signaled me to stop. I bit my tongue for about 10 seconds before I started to tell him off again.
    "Listen to this," my mom said passing me the phone. I listened. It was a lady who claimed to be an AI producer trying to contact me wondering for possible taping and interviewing for next week. Call her office at xxx-xxx-xxxx.
    I called her back. I forgot her last name but whoever answered asked for my first and last name. I told her. In 2 seconds I was connected with who I needed to be talking to.
    She identified who she was and I did the same. She asked me what my schedule is usually like. I told her I go to school in the day and work at night. She asked about Wednesday. I told her I thought audition day was Wednesday. I requested Tuesday and Wednesday off from work. She asked me if another Producer called yet. I told her no. She said another producer was supposed to call all the contestants to inform them the judges round for Boston is all taking place on Thursday. Some people were split between the two days. I was a little skeptical about the complete change of plans for me.
    We continued to talk about my work. She said she was going to call the store manager of where I worked to ask if they could come tape me at work. I still have yet to verify if a phone call came there or not. I'll find out tommorrow. I'm off tonight.
    Anyways, I told her they could come to the poker game this Friday night but she said they'll be in New York this Friday. Hmm, they must have another contestant they want to do a story on too. Maybe it's the girl I referred to as "Brooklyn" in "The Arrival: Part III"...
    Well, today about a half hour after I got home from school, there was a phone call for me. Another Idol producer. She said something about she was trying to find my number but it was left in her book which was in the truck or van which was in Georgia:-?
    Whatever. She was calling to tell me the audition day is Thursday. I told her I had found out yesterday but thanked her for being late with her job. I asked her about the whole AI thing wanting to come film me in Fitchburg. She said they probably want to do a hometown story on me but she doesn't know and/or isn't involved with that. Her job was just to call the contestants and let them know audition day is Thursday.
    They are so mysteriuos in the way they operate. Last year, in Orlando when they postponed the judges round due to the hurricanes, we received a phone call saying the round has been postponed. Days later a phone call asking for the nearest airport to our house. I mean they were acting like federal agents on a classified mission.
    "What's the nearest airport to your house?"
    "Orlando International"
    "Okay thank you"
    "That's it? Where are we going? When are we leaving?"
    "I don't know. My job is just to ask what airport is nearest your house."
    Same principle is applying now. At least I got a second phone call though that verified audition day is not Wednesday. Wouldn't it have sucked if it really was and I didn't go? But now there are new plans for Wednesday.
    I have a confession. My bike is a piece of crap. They want to tape me riding my bike in the 2nd hilliest city in the nation. I've been meaning to take it to the bike shop. I need like a bran new derailer (spelling?) and my gears all fixed. They're broken. The chain sometimes doesn't go. *sigh* Things cost money. Hopefully though, I'll get it fixed before Wednesday.
    Wouldn't it suck if I go through the effort to fix it and they decide to do a story on someone else or just forget about me? This competition. It's stressing my brain. I love it:-)


    Anonymous DJSlim said...

    I would keep trying to check the validity of the phone call just to cover your own rear. Congrats again. I can't wait to hear what happens. This is exciting actually talking to someone who is involved with AI. I love the show and my site last year would prove it. The site is down now and it redirects to the one for this season but you will see. I just hope you will be able to stay in contact throughout the season. :) Toodles for now

    Thu Oct 20, 04:48:00 PM 2005  
    Blogger shortynspice said...

    Like I said, I felt better when I got the second call by the person who was supposed to be the first to call me. Even if the hometown taping thing doesn't happen, I still have my audition for the judges now on Thursday instead of Wednesday...
    I told the AI producer I had an online blog. She didn't say anything about it. I offered the addy. I guess maybe in later rounds (if I make it that far) I might be limited with what I can say. For example, I still haven't told you all WHERE the judges will be at...

    Thu Oct 20, 04:56:00 PM 2005  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You should stop blogging NOW. If you make it past round 3, you will have to remove all websites and profiles and ANYTHING linking you with American Idol. Highly recommend you remove this stuff now so as to not risk DQ

    Thu Oct 20, 06:38:00 PM 2005  
    Blogger shortynspice said...

    I won't stop blogging until I'm officially told by an AI producer.

    Fri Oct 21, 11:36:00 AM 2005  
    Anonymous DJSlim said...

    With Blogging becoming more and more of a regular thing you may see American Idol allow something of that nature this season. Of course the contestants wouldn't be able to have their own blog space. It would all be setup by the show like Rock Star: INXS. Each one of the contestants had a blog through MSN. This way they could interact with their fans but the show had complete control over the content that was released. It is also rumored that AI contestants are granted internet access and do visit some of the idol forums online. However they are not allowed to post anything on them or any other site. Again this is just a rumor.

    As for your blog. Don't stop yet with it. Continue until told by a producer in person or via official AI letter head to stop with the blog. They will eventually make you stop. They always do but like I said maybe they will offer you something in a way of more fan interaction.

    Fri Oct 21, 07:43:00 PM 2005  
    Blogger shortynspice said...

    Thanks for the feedback DJ. Like I said earlier I don't intend oto stop blogging until officially told.
    Also, notice that whoever posted that comment logged in as anonymous. I wonder why.
    And I don't know any of the specifics on the AI rules of blogging if they have any...

    Sun Oct 23, 11:50:00 AM 2005  

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